Free Kelsey Video Clips from 18yo

Found three more free video of Kelsey today!

kelsey whassupThe first scene here is great – she is naked, bent over tieing her shoes and the we get a close up view of her nice pussy and ass. In the next free clip she tries get a big dick in her mouth, then in the third clip we get to see a nice close up of Kelsey getting fucked missionary with a nice view of her (at the time) virgin asshole.

These video clips are large in size, and I had to hit play twice with the firefox browser to get them to play.

Click here to see the free Kelsey Michaels video clips I found today from 18 years!

Kelsey’s first anal scene released – dissapointing

Some time ago I heard a rumor in the industry that Kelsey had done a scene with Max Hardcore. Actually it was an interview I think, but anyways, I was excited and curious. Max mainly does anal and other really hardcore shit, so hearing that she did a movie with max made got me excited about the possibility of seeing Kelsey get some anal action, and quite curious about how far she would go with Max, as he shoots some incredibly hardcore, freaky and otherwise great porn.max faktor 15

I finally verified that she was in a movie released by Max Hardcore entitled Max faktor 15. This DVD is apparently difficult to get a hold of, very few places sell the DVD online, it seems to be more readily availaable in Europe, with a Euro version being touted for $60 in some places, but American distribution appears very limited and expensive. So I’m talking about it witha friend of mine, and I find out he’s already ordered it. Awesome.

Then I get to watch it. Wow am I eager to see a great Max Hardcore scene with Kelsey Michaels, and I have heard yes indeed there is anal. Well right from the start I can tell that this is not one of Max’s best video scenes. As I watch I am appalled by the whole scene. Not only is this my least favorite Kelsey scene, but this is the absolute worst Max Hardcore scene I have ever watched.

Max Hardcore has produced a lot of good videos, with hot stars and new amaterus doing hardcore freaky sex and testing limits of things like throat gagging, multiple dildos, even foced open mouth cum shots and piss drinking. Most of Max’s videos I have seen have great lighting, his film crew tends to get two great angles of video in the frame, and his editors have used great effects to give you multiple views of nice, nasty sex. Kelsey’s scene in Max Faktor 15 does not have any of these qualities. Not one.

If you could cut all the crappy video out of this scene you may be left with about 2 minutes of good video. Unfortunately with the DVD you get to see all of the other bad video around the scene.Max has this other girl just hanging around in the scene, and she does nothing but get in the way and pose for a few pictures. It’s like a huge annoying fly that pops in the middle of fuck scene, smiles, gets a photo taken and then walks around. I’m serious.

The lighting is bad, Max looks out of breathe and out of shape, actually it looks like he was sitting in some dog shit naked before this scene, there is a bunch of brown stuff flaking off his fat white ass as we fucks Kelsey missionary it is hard to miss. Max’s lines in the scene are nearly inaudible and he seems like a washed up actor. Kelsey is cute for a minute by ends up fake crying thoughout most of the scene as Max fucks her in the ass then pussy then ass then pussy again.

Kelsey’s face ends up covered in spit for a lot of the scene as she gags upside down on Max’s dick. At the end of the scene Max has to tell the annoying photo prop girl to get out of the way of the camera for the money shot pop a nut on here finale.

This is by far the worse Max Hardcore movie I’ve seen, perhaps the Euro version has more hardcore stuff in it that may give it some redeeming value.

Today I found an online video on demand site that offers instant access to this hard to find movie. Click here watch Max Faktor 15 via video on demand on your computer now.

Kelsey video on demand clip

I found a video on demand clip with Kelsey’s scene from”little darlings” with Lea Luv. Iflittle darlings with Kelsey Michaels you click on the “see all scenes from this movie” link which is right under the dvd box cover picture, you will be able to enjoy several pictures from the three way scene in the movie.

The free video clip is short, and doesn’t show a lot of Kelsey, but the video hub site does have a lot of great videos in it’s collection, the price is right, and I love the fact that you can easily and quickly choose a scene from a DVD and watch it immediately.

** Update

I found a link that goes to a free video clip of Kelsey sucking some dick from this movie, and gagging herself a little bit as she works hard to swallow a big cock, you also get a few seconds of another girl in the scene sucking off another guy right next to Kelsey.

Now the question for everyone – is the pussy in the lower left of the free pics Kelsey’s or the other girl’s pussy from this scene?

Kelsey Michaels Free Photo Gallery

Just found some free pics with Kelsey and her beautiful smile – a couple of nice nudes in this one!

Kelsey Pink Shirt
Click here for the first free Kelsey Pics Gallery.

Kelsey Michaels in HD – Hi Def Kelsey in Control

Kelsey shot in Hi Def! Makes me want to go out and buy a new tv and a playstation 3. I may just get the DVD and watch it on the computer – seeing her is hi def is about as close as you’re gonna get to being there while she takes some dick. This video is a great deal as it is a 2 disc set.

I love it when Kelsey in on the cover, makes we want to buy 2 so I can keep one in the original wrapping.

control 3 dvd front

from sex toys sex videos:

Description: Shot entirely on HD, “Control” is harder, faster and edgier than anything Robby has directed before. Delivered on 2 Discs, 3 slippery-wet pussy fucks, 2 orgasm-inducing masturbation delights, 1 juicy blowjob featuring stringers and the lovely Naomi, lots of extra face fucking, plus an amazing bonus scene with Jenaveve Jolie. With over 3½ hours of PURE tease, “Control 3” has more fuck for your buck, more hot girls & more slammin’ sex than any other porn we’ve seen. A culmination of Robby D’s incomparable experience, knowledge and talent, “Control” follows no rules and no guidelines and as a result it knows no bounds…

Control 3 DVD on sale at sex toys sex videos for under $30!


Kelsey does Dirty Deeds DVD

This looks like a top notch production. I am glad to see Kelsey getting in with some high dollar studios that are shooting some seriously hardcore raunchy sex. This video will be sure to please with a lot of hardcore action. The description says there is a lot of DP and nasty sex, but I have to see if Kelsey is actually taking it in the ass in this one, and I’m still waiting for the DVD that a friend swears has Kelsey doing some anal in it.

If you have been able to get a hold of this flick – comment below and let meknow about Kelsey’s scene!

Dirty Deeds

dirty deeds dvd front
From Sex toys sex movies:

Description: How much of these gorgeous cock whores do you think you can handle? They are nasty as they want to be and they are taking no prisoners, just load after sticky warm load all over their hot bods! Don’t miss a single second as these little sluts get DP’s, throat slammed and covered in man juice… why, cause their Dirty Fuckers doing Dirty Deeds!

 Found this DVD online at Sex Toys Sex Movies for under $25!

Kelsey in My First Porn vol 6

Kelsey makes the cover of this fun DVD!

my first porn vol 6

Description: The My First Porn series is a comical sex-spectacle of Jack directing his first porn movie. Cody Bangs shines in his debut hardcore performance with the innocent but oh-so-naughty Kelsey Michaels and Chris Charm-ing. Enter the young and delicate, Holly Morgan, Scott NAILS her like any good man would.

I found this DVD online for under $30 at sex toys sex videos.

I think her outfit is hot, and you know the fucking is good, Kelsey always makes the best “I’m getting the shit fucked out of me” noises and faces, a great performer, in a fun DVD.

Kelsey studio pics

Just found a page with some studio shots of Kelsey. There are a couple good shots here, but most of this shoot is rather plain I must say. Don’t get me wrong, Kelsey is gorgeous, I just think the photographer could have been a bit more creative with the scene. Most of the shots in this gallery are just plain, I mean, there is not alot of angles that give you the real Kelsey Michales picture. You just see brightly lit center framed shots.

kelsey topless
Kelsey next time your in town, let me shoot you and we can do better than this one.

Click here to see the gallery.

Kelsey’s hardcore pics – jizzbombed

Just found some more hardcore pics of Kelsey. Wow her skin is so smooth, she’s got that “wow am I am being fucked hard” look on her face. Sucking some cock, taking the dick missionary, doggystyle and a jizz bomb on the face – it’s a free Kelsey gallery; click here to see it!

Kelsey Cream Pie Video with Homegrown / Xplor

Wow, I just found this amatuer video from homegrown / xplor that has Kelseyon the box cover. Looks like another hot cream pie fuck flick with Kelsey!

cream pie 42 dvd

Cream Pie #42

From sex toys sex videos web site:

Description: There’s nothing quite so tasty as the sight of a beautiful young girl spreading her legs and showing off her freshly fucked pussy as it drips with warm creamy cum! Join our five delectable darlings as they fuck and suck for their all-time favorite dessert!

The DVD is under $20 online – This line of flicks is like $40 in the retail stores in my neighborhood.

Ordering info for Cream Pie #42 with Kelsey Michales – Click here.