The new Kelsey Michaels definitive guide is here to share all of the info available about teen pornstar Kelsey Michaels. You can find bio information here, and we are compiling a complete discography of Kelsey’s DVDs that are available, as well as a regularly updated list of web sites, online videos and pics of Kelsey.


She is one of my favorite pornstars, and a good friend. Kelsey and I worked together before she made her first movie, so my opinions may be biased. I also have affiliate relations with a majority of the sites I link to. This means that I make money from sign ups and sales from some of the links in the posts. I have chosen affiliate companies to link to that I use myself, they are trusted, and I would reccomend that other people who are intersted in promoting an affiliate program to consider them.

I welcome comments about your experiences with this blog, any sites that are linked to from this blog, and anything you have to say about Kelsey, or the movies she’sbeen in. Kelsey, if you are reading this call me girl! I haven’t heard from you since your myspace account got deleted. If you lost your phone or my number you can contact / send me an email.